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Every question and comment is important to us, no matter how simple or complex, so if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Is there a Waiting List

Echoes Montessori is part of the much-loved SA Montessori group of centres, and so it won’t be long until we are full with a robust Waiting List of families who are waiting to join us. Right now, however, we have the unique opportunity to welcome some children to our community almost immediately as we are a brand new centre. To reflect this situation we have temporarily waived our usual Waiting List fee, so it is an ideal time to register to our Waiting List (even if you are planning ahead for a later start date!) 

Download our 
Waiting List Form.

Unfortunately we are never able to guarantee families an eventual position but we run our Waiting List ethically and conscientiously. 

To learn more please download our Enrolment Process information.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Our fees for 2022 are as follows:

INFANT/TODDLER (under 3 years): $130 per day

PRESCHOOL (over 3 years):
$125 per day

Our fees are structured according to age to reflect the differing costs associated with these ages, including (but not limited to) the increased number of educators required to satisfy the legal educator-to-child ratios for younger children

Payable via ‘Debitsuccess’.

Fees are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

A bond (equivalent to 2 weeks fee) and a $140 Enrolment Fee are payable upon enrolment.

To learn more download our Fee Information

What is Echoes Montessori's Quality Rating?

We are still awaiting our first visit from ACECQA’s Assessment and Ratings team. We look forward to that opportunity to showcase our commitment to high-quality care. 

Can I Visit Echoes Montessori?


We feel visiting in person is the best way for you to get to know us. Simply complete the contact form on this page – or email echoes@samontessori.com.au – to make an appointment for a tour.
Please note that we are mindful of Covid-safe practices when arranging and hosting tours, so please contact us to learn more about our current protocols.

What Qualifications do the educarers have?

We are proud to employ highly qualified and skilled educators, but the most important quality for an Echoes team member is a big heart! Scroll down to learn more about the amazing individuals who form our leadership team.

Does Echoes provide food?
Nutritional snack food is provided mid morning and mid afternoon. Lunch food is not provided by the centre as it is our experience that children most often prefer food prepared from home which caters to the individual and cultural preference of their family. Food to be consumed for lunch is therefore provided by each child’s parents. (Baby food will be discussed separately with parents). A personalised lunchbox is given to each child enrolling at the centre. Children’s lunchboxes are stored each day in the kitchen fridges until required.
Does my child need to be immunised?

Yes, to fulfil our obligations to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, children, families and visitors we do require evidence of adherence to the nationally recommended vaccination schedule as a prerequisite for enrolment and as a condition of continuing attendance. Please download our Immunisation Policy for more information.

All of our educators are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Is there a Uniform?

We have designed a safe and practical school shirt for our Echoes children to wear which will offer them the freedom of movement they require during the day, the ability to implement independent dressing skills and the ability to successfully manage their own toileting. The shirt is an easy wash and wear outfit and we hope the children will feel a sense of pride wearing something that identifies them as belonging to our Echoes community. By providing only a shirt for our uniform, and encouraging children and families to choose the clothing they pair this with, we are able to balance that sense of belonging with an opportunity for individual expression and creativity. 

How are my child's sleep needs supported at Echoes Montessori?

Some children require a sleep during the day. In general we encourage the children to acknowledge their own need for a rest or a sleep and we allow children to do so whenever they are ready.

The babies sleeping area utilises the beautiful and inviting ‘Kaylula’ cribs. These are safe and comfortable baby beds without bars. 

Toddler and Pre-school rooms use individual stretcher beds. With the exception of the babies, each child who may require a sleep is required to have a set of linen that is purchased at enrolment and stored for use at the centre.

What is the Orientation Process?

If you secure a placement at Echoes Montessori you will receive a detailed New Enrolment Pack, including a Parent Handbook, which contains comprehensive information to help you prepare for your Montessori journey. We advise you to read these materials thoroughly. You will also have the chance to speak with our Administrative Coordinator, to ask any questions you have and to arrange an Orientation visit. On this day/s your child can spend a little time in his/her nominated classroom, be guided through the expected routines and meet the teachers.

Where is Echoes located?

We are located at 85 Smart Road, Modbury. 

Parking and access are available from the secure undercover car park beneath our building (additional spaces are available in the rear carpark). 

Is it normal for me to feel nervous?
Entrusting your child into somebody else’s care is a big step. It can feel particularly momentous if this is the first time that your child will be separating from you. We don’t underestimate the emotion involved – for your child and for you as a parent – and we are here to support you both. 
We understand each journey is unique so we will work with you to create the perfect plan to make this transition as secure, comfortable and happy as possible. If you are not ready for your child to attend full days immediately you are welcome to arrange an early collection time so that your child can gradually transition into the routines of our Preschool day. 

Our Story

A child’s first steps into the world set them upon a pathway that unfolds towards their future. We believe that there is nothing more important than giving each child the most solid and secure foundation for these early explorations. We have created a nurturing community where we can support your child’s natural instincts to connect, explore and grow!

Yet Echoes Montessori is even more than an exceptional early learning environment; it is a home away from home in a unique intergenerational village. We share our land, and our lives, with the residents of the Encore apartments for independent retirement living. Intergenerational engagement is embedded into our program, allowing our children to develop meaningful connections with their elders. Our name and our logo represent our belief that the influence and inspiration of our elders ‘echoes’ through the generations and is carried forward into the future. We are connecting the children who have just entered this great world of human thought with those who have the most experience in it. We truly believe that we are ‘better together’. 

Shared land, shared lives!

Echoes Montessori is embedded into a unique intergenerational village where we live and learn alongside the residents of Encore retirement apartments.

Stunning spaces, delightful details!

A collaborative process between our experienced Montessori educators and a talented team of architects resulted in our stunning environment where aesthetic beauty and whimsy await.

Montessori magic!

Echoes offers an authentic Montessori program delivered by qualified educators to guide children through their entire early learning journey from 6 months to school age.

About Us

The environment of Echoes Montessori was designed through a meticulous process of collaboration that included our founders – Barbara and Jessica Langford (a mother and daughter team) – as well as a talented team of architects and the project managers of Encore apartments. The result is an aesthetically stunning setting with delightful details hidden around every corner and a wonderful sense of whimsy waiting to be explored. 
Echoes Montessori benefits from its position within the Encore apartments community. This vibrant village hosts a variety of facilities to support the holistic well-being of residents, children, families and staff members alike. Our children tend to the urban farm and learn about food preparation at Poetic Justice Cafe. They visit the gym for physical activities and pop into the library to read with their elders. We benefit from the presence of allied health partners providing wellness services such as physiotherapy. The Community Hall provides the perfect setting for parent-child groups and parent education events. To top it all off, Linear Park is just a few steps away!

Montessori From The Start’ is the name of the specialized program designed for the needs of the Infant & Toddler community, being children from 6 months to 2 1/2 years. This program has been developed to provide the youngest members of our community with a level of care, attention and personalisation that reflects the dynamics of a home environment as closely as possible. Our approach is informed by the latest research in infant development and neuroscience and incorporates world-renowned practices in care and education.


 The Infant and Toddler community functions in rooms that have been safely and carefully furnished to cater to their growing developmental needs. The ‘Nido’ room houses our youngest babies who need the closest support from our educarers, and they progress to the ‘Bambini’ room when they have developed greater levels of independence.


It is not a requirement that children attending the Pre-school program have first been members of our Infant & Toddler community. Our goal, however, is for ‘Montessori From The Start’ to ideally provide the first steps on a child’s ongoing Montessori journey. We therefore aim to help our youngest children to transition smoothly into a Montessori Pre-school program. An obvious continuum for a child who has completed the ‘Montessori From The Start’ program is for them to remain at Rosemont House Montessori and complete their pre-school program in a familiar environment. However some families may take the opportunity at this stage to enrol their child at another of our SA Montessori pre-schools. Transferring from our ‘Montessori From The Start’ Program will give families a status of priority at all of the SA Montessori centres. (All placements are subject to availability).

Our Pre-school program is as nurturing and personalised as our Infant & Toddler environment but with an emphasis on supporting the burst of energy and curiosity that drives the child between the ages of 3 to 6. This is an inimitable age with an unparalleled potential for learning. The pre-school age child maintains the absorbent mind of the toddler, that allows effortless but deep learning, but develops a new sense of focus and purpose. Any parent of a pre-school child knows that this is an age of questioning, exploring and discovering. It takes a special program to keep up with this intrinsic energy, and that is exactly what we offer. The Montessori Curriculum offers an enriched program for learning and exploration as children work at their own pace discovering their place in the world. Our Montessori program is delivered by qualified Early Childhood trained teachers and Childcare Professionals. Our aim is not only to provide your child with the foundation skills for all future learning but also to ensure that we create happy childhood memories of feeling valued and loved. 

Echoes Montessori is not just a secure, inviting place for our children – we want our parents to feel equally involved in our community! There are lots of ways that we warmly welcome our parents and extended families into the Montessori experience, and we are always seeking out ways to help promote well-being and balance for our families. We are currently working with Poetic Justice cafe to develop ready-made meals that will be available for our families, and we are liaising with ECH to discuss how some of the allied health services at Encore Apartments can assist our parents, such as access to gym sessions. We invite our families to talk to our team members if you have suggestions or requests for ways that the Echoes Montessori community can support your role as a parent. 

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85 Smart Rd, Modbury

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M-F: 8:00am – 6.00pm
Weekends: Closed

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At Echoes Montessori we are proud of our innovative “Leadership Team” model. This approach combines the wisdom and expertise of three passionate professionals and creates a democratic committee of leaders who guide the direction of the centre and mentor their colleagues.

Sarah Neal focuses on leading the toddler team in our Bambini room as well as sharing her wealth of Montessori knowledge with all our educators. 

Tina Yiannicou finds joy in all that she does and in her role as leader of our Preschool room she ensures that it is an environment that inspires and delights every child.

Karyn Adams focuses on providing mentoring to educators and supporting the development of authentic Montessori programs.



What Parents are Saying

“Our son has been at Rosemont House for more than 2 years and we all love it. The teachers are particularly caring. Our son is very energetic and they have taken his interests into account and helped us develop him into the best version of himself. Rosemont House has helped us get him school-ready. I (Melissa) work in international education and I truly believe that Rosemont House Montessori is world-class, you couldn’t get better. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

“I like to do activities with the beads… It feels good; you use your hands and you use your brain.”

“I think Miss Aria summed up Montessori quite well for a 4 year old! Your passion and dedication to your craft can be seen by everyone who attends/spends time in your beautiful environment xxx”


My son has been with Rosemont House Montessori for more than 2 years now and my appreciation and satisfaction continues to grow. My son’s interest in learning, and his creative spark, has blossomed since starting the preschool program. His teachers have always been open to feedback and are clearly dedicated to maximizing each child’s potential. They have been compassionate to my son as an individual and encouraged him to grow. 




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