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Are you feeling concerned about Coronavirus?

Since the emergence of Covid-19 we have worked hard to protect the health and safety of our children, families and team members. In 2021 we will continue to maintain Covid-safe environments to the best of our ability. We are following all Government recommendations and implementing additional proactive practices to keep our environments hygienic, our community safe, and our learning programs running. We are also striving to support our families – and the broader community – through this difficult time by sharing information, ideas and resources to families in our centre and through our

SA Montessori Facebook page.

We know the pandemic has presented many challenges, but we have always been guided by the insights of Dr Maria Montessori and now, more than ever, we lean on her advice that “Of all things, love is most potent.” With that wisdom in mind we remind our community that we must focus on love, not fear, to help us navigate through this situation.

Our love for the child will inspire us to do everything in our power to protect them.

Our love for our families will ensure that we strive to keep our centres open and functioning as usual so that we can help to maintain the small semblances of consistency that will help balance out all the changes.

Our love for our fellow global citizens will ensure that we all behave responsibly, compassionately and respectfully towards one another to get through this as a community.  


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Looking for ways to inspire, engage and delight your child at home?

If you are in lockdown or quarantine you might be wondering how to channel your child’s enthusiastic energy and satisfy their curiousity. We are proud to present our ‘STEAM Activity Guide’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). Developed by the Jescott Montessori teaching team, it outlines a series of simple but exciting experiments and activities that can all be completed using common materials that you most likely have at home already!

Click Here for Part 1Click here for Part 2

About us

‘SA Montessori’ is a group of six Montessori early learning and care environments in Adelaide.

We are not a franchise – we are a family.

Each of our six Montessori centres has a unique character and atmosphere but we are united by shared values.

SA Montessori educators are passionate about providing the highest quality early childhood education and care. A child’s early experiences help to form the foundation of their relationship with the world. SA Montessori commits to providing joyful experiences to help each child connect with their community and value their environment.

Download our Statement of Principles to learn more about the values and practices that guide our interactions with our children and families.

Our Promise

We aim to nurture the individual development of each child within a loving and exciting environment.

  • Every child is special and unique
  • Every child deserves respect and love
  • Every child should experience a happy childhood

As we share time with the children our aim is to:

  • develop their curiosity
  • encourage their love of learning
  • help them develop independence and self discipline
  • allow them to feel valued
  • share in their joy of self achievement
  • offer comfort and support in an honest and sensitive way
  • provide the best foundation of learning to prepare for future schooling
  • surround them with a secure and happy environment

This is our promise to you.


The Montessori Difference

The Montessori Method of Education is a highly regarded and widely recognised educational philosophy. It is the single largest pedagogy in the world today with over 22,000 Montessori schools established throughout 110 countries.
There are more than 210 centres and schools in Australia.

A Word

From Our Founder

“The Montessori philosophy offers a powerful understanding of how precious the early years of a child’s life are. A parent is given only one opportunity to provide their child the best possible foundation for life. We are proud to offer a home away from home to help your child experience the start that they deserve.”

– Barbara Langford




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Cedars Montessori - Unley

Chancery Lane Montessori - Adelaide CBD

Echoes Montessori - Modbury

Jescott Montessori - Magill

Lilliput Village Montessori - Maylands

Little Oxford Montessori - Unley 

Rosemont House Montessori - Norwood


Our website is updated regularly and we endeavour to ensure it reflects current and accurate information - however, all details displayed are subject to change. It is important that you contact a centre directly to confirm up to date and correct details.